March 22, 2023
type of swar in music

Types Of swar

Types Of swar

  1. : Shudha Swar
  2.    Achal swar
  3. Komal swar
  4. Teevra swar

1 Aachal swar : The notes  S  and P are fixed  On the scale

2 Vikrut swar  : The other notes like R G D AND N  are vikrut swar that swar can change his original place .

3 Komla swar   :  In vikrut swars  R G D N       Can be moved below ther shudda place on the scale . these are show by a small horizontal line below the note

4 Teevra swar : only M , can become vikrut by going one note above the shuddha M it is show by a small vertical line above the note.

  1.  SA  shadaj
  2. Re   Rishab
  3. Ga   Gandhar
  4. M    Madhaym
  5. P     Pancham
  6. Dha  dhaivat
  7. Ni  Nishad



Saptak : when the set of seven notes is played in the order it is called saptak

Maddhya saptka : The norma tone of human voice which is neither high nor low it is called maddhya saptak ( middle Octave ).

There is no symbol in Madhya saptak

Taar Saptak : The one higher then Maddhya saptak is taar saptak High The notes are high and sharp this shown by a dot above the note tow dots above the note imply a note of an octave higher then the taar saptak

Mandra saptak : The one below the maddhya saptak is called Mandra sptka lower octave . notes of this octave are sung or plyed in a low deep tone this comprise of the saptak which is below the lower sa of the maddhya saptak. Notes of this saptak are indicated by a dot below the note.

Its possible in cas of stringed instrument such a sitar to go to the octave lower then the madhara saptak. Its known as the Ati Mandra saptak the notes of this saptak are indicated by tow dots below .

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